Why Did They Cancel Scaredy Squirrel

If you’re looking for an animated kids show to watch, why did they cancel Scaredy Squirrel? This Canadian show was based on a series of children’s picture books by Melanie Watt. It was canceled after only three seasons due to several reasons, including the show’s character and animation errors. The main reason is probably a misguided plan to prevent dust bunnies. In this article, we’ll talk about the major problems that were the main reasons for the cancellation.


The Scaredy Squirrel is a beloved character from children’s books. Originally created by Melanie Watt, the series was cancelled in 2008. Now, the bestselling author has brought the popular character to a new graphic novel series. Like Scaredy, this young squirrel has elaborate action plans, including a backup plan. Although he is afraid of many things, he tries to overcome them one by one.

The series is based on the children’s book series by Melanie Watt. The show features an offbeat orange squirrel named Scaredy. Scaredy’s best friend is a fearless skunk named Dave, who often causes mischief and confusion for his friends. He also has a love interest, a land-walking trout named Miss Muffin. The characters were originally cancelled, but they have since been revived on many other networks.

Animation errors

Although the scaredy squirrel is a charming and fun character, the show suffers from several animation errors. While the character is a great example of what not to do, the animation errors are distracting and unnecessary. The main problem is that the characters do not always look as if they are having a good time. This is a big problem with most animated cartoons, and it is a common one with Scaredy.

The scaredy squirrel is an animated television series based on the books written by Melanie Watt. The show follows a self-confident, creative squirrel named Scaredy who is often perplexed by people’s fears and misunderstood situations. His best friend is a fearless skunk named Dave, who often gets his friends confused with his twisted logic. Scaredy also has a love interest in a land-walking trout named Nestor. The scaredy squirrel and his love interest are the same, but in different ways.

Safety freakiness

Despite its good animation, “Safety freak” Scaredy Squirrel is a complete idiot. He tries to be a good example for kids, but ultimately fails. While the show’s first season was a complete flop, season two was better than its predecessor. Here are the reasons why the show was cancelled:

The show is based on the books by Melanie Watt. The show follows an offbeat squirrel named Scaredy, who is fearless and creative. He is joined by his fearless friend, the skunk Dave. Dave likes to take risks and is often confused by his skewed logic. Scaredy is also in love with a land-walking trout named Noodle.

Misguided plan to prevent dust bunnies

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Why was Scaredy Squirrel cancelled?

There are various reasons why Scaredy Squirrel was cancelled.

The show’s creator Gerry Swallow stated in an interview that the show was cancelled because of financial reasons.

He also said that the show was not doing well in the ratings.

There are also rumors that the show was cancelled because it was too scary for kids.

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