Baby Squirrel How Long Should I Wait For Mother To Return

Baby Squirrel – How Long Should I Wait For Mother to Return?baby-squirrel-how-long-should-i-wait-for-mother-to-return

If you have found a baby squirrel, you’re probably wondering how long you need to wait for the mother to return. Here are a few tips to make the wait easier:

Reuniting a baby squirrel with its mother

Reuniting a baby squirrel with its mom is possible, but not always easy. You must be very careful. If the baby is in a tree, it might fall out, so you should bring it indoors. If you are able to bring it indoors, you can try your best to get it back to the tree as soon as possible. However, if you think it might be unsafe, you should call for help and stay away from the tree.

Before handling the baby squirrel, you must first ensure that it has fallen from its nest. It should be at least six inches long with a fluffy tail. You must keep the baby squirrel away from people or pets. You can keep it warm by placing it inside a sock filled with rice. If you have a pet, make sure it is not the mother. Make sure you keep it in a place where it can get the best care.

Protecting a baby squirrel from predators

You can protect a baby squirrel from predators by making it warm and keeping it out of direct sunlight. After you have found it, check to see if it is healthy or injured. If the squirrel is injured or in cold or hot conditions, you should intervene immediately and bring it to a licensed rehabber. While most injured squirrels can be saved, some can be humanely killed to end the suffering of the animal.

First, take the baby squirrel out of the tree. Make sure it is warm enough to prevent entanglement. Use a piece of warm fabric, such as a t-shirt or terry cloth, to place the baby squirrel in. The t-shirt fabric can easily become threadlike. Another way is to place a heating pad near the squirrel. The heating pad should be on a low setting, but you can turn it on half-way and then off again for 45 minutes.

Keeping a baby squirrel warm

If you have a baby squirrel, you should try to keep it warm while waiting for its mother to return. To do this, you can place it in an enclosed room with a nest, warm water bottle, and old clothes. Make sure that you do not cover the baby, as the mother squirrel will be alarmed if you try to approach it. You can also pick the baby squirrel up and place it in the nest.

First, check for injuries. You should also clean the baby squirrel with a little bit of Instant Shampoo (no-rinse formula). The shampoo will loosen dirt and oils on the squirrel’s fur, and it will also deodorize it. Next, you should check for parasites and other conditions that might make the baby squirrel sick. Alternatively, you can use a Q-tip to massage its genitals. There are plenty of helpful videos on youtube that explain how to care for a baby squirrel.

Feeding a baby squirrel

If your baby squirrel is still dependent on its mother, wait at least two hours before you feed it. This way, you won’t put the baby in danger of starvation. You should also leave it in a place where it can be kept warm, such as a tree. A squirrel’s mother will return in a few hours and take care of her young.

If you find a squirrel alone, it may be difficult to distinguish one from the other. Ideally, you should leave the baby squirrel unsupervised for a few hours while it bonds with you. Once the baby is old enough to venture out and move around independently, you should wait at least a day or two before feeding it. The mother will move her young when they are mobile enough to leave the nest.


How long does a baby squirrel stay with its mother?


6 to 8 weeks


How many litters can a female squirrel have in a year?


2 to 3


How many babies are in a litter?


3 to 7


When are baby squirrels born?


February to May


What do baby squirrels eat?


Milk from their mother’s teats


How long does it take for a baby squirrel to be weaned?


6 to 8 weeks


What do baby squirrels do when they are weaned?


Start to eat solid food and leave their mother’s side


What kind of food do adult squirrels eat?


Nuts seeds fruits fungi and bark


Where do squirrels live?




What is the average lifespan of a squirrel?


6 to 10 years


What is the biggest threat to squirrels?




What do squirrels do during the winter?


They huddle together for warmth and sleep a lot


What is the smallest squirrel?


The African pygmy squirrel


What is the largest squirrel?


The Indian giant squirrel


What is the primary purpose of a squirrel’s tail?


To help them balance while they are climbing

Jessica Watson is a PHD holder from the University of Washington. She studied behavior and interaction between squirrels and has presented her research in several wildlife conferences including TWS Annual Conference in Winnipeg.

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